About Me

Hey there, my name is Fen. I am from Taiwan. I have been liveing in Germany since 2012.

I made this blog for myself, becuase I want to record the journey of learning to code, beside my full time job. And maybe oneday my experience can help people like me.

I have thought about it, in which language sholud I use for my blog. My mother tongue is Mandarin, but I am living in Germany. I should actually write my blog in German, because the posts can as notes for me at work later. But I know I will stop blogging after 1 week, because I will more focus on german grammar, instead of concentrating on sharing experiences. So I decided to write the articles in Mandarin first. It’s the easiest way for me to keep writting besides my full time job without an excuse. When I have time later, I will translate my articles into English.

Why not translate into German?

Because many German can read English, so English will be second language of my blog.